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Dr. Sean Ostrowski (Chiropractor) and his partner Seth Hopkins (PTA, NASM-SFC) have put together a team of certified stretching coaches that have one mission: to optimize the mobility and independence of our Rome community, one stretch at a time.

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Monday - Friday: 7am - 7pm

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315 Riverside Parkway, Suite #140, Rome, GA 30161

(706) 936-2207

why stretch rome?

We have seen all too often what the day to day confinement of a 9-5 job sitting at a desk or standing long hours can do to our once young and limber bodies.

Dr. Sean Ostrowski (Chiropractor) and his partner Seth Hopkins (PTA, NASM-SFC) have seen so many people suffer, be put on pain medications, and under go surgery for issues that only happened because their bodies lost the ability to do what God intended them to do, MOVE.

They put their hearts and their heads together to show their community that it is not too late to take back control of their bodies and their lives.
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The Highest Standards Anywhere

Certified Stretching Coaches
Therapeutic Tables (rated for up to 450lbs)
Pre Built Progressive Warm-up Station
Postural & Functional Movement Assessment Station

We live the limber life!

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